Preparing Like a Serial Killer with Antony Rhine

We're beginning our discussion of preparation with one of the fiercest and most dedicated planners that we know. Antony Rhine is a Senior Strategic Account Executive at Octiv, an automated document generation company. His position in sales leadership requires him to both balance the needs of his accounts and also manage his department. He's adapted to this by developing a planning system that lives inside his "serial killer" notebook and is the envy of Jeff and Christie.

This is a fascinating deep dive into the why and how of planning PLUS he shares some of his philosophies on purpose and change that will leave you thinking...and planning your next moves.

Learn more about Octiv here.

On today's show...

1:30 - Learn more about Jeff Bajorek's "Office Hours" program

5:00 - How Antony uses a "serial killer" notebook to juggle account sales AND management level responsibilities

7:15 - Why Antony developed his planning system

8:50 - Is there a negative perception of "the planner" around the office?

11:40 - Can your "why" change?

15:29 - Embracing the messy world and adapting a growth mindset

22:50 - How far out does Antony plan in detail and how rigid is his plan?

29:15 - What's missing from most people's planning process?

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