What Is Your WHy?


The Why and The Buy is a must-listen podcast for sales and leadership professionals. Co-hosts Jeff Bajorek and Christie Walters are seasoned sales leaders who met in 2016 at a sales conference and kept in touch. After months of talking, sharing insights, and coaching each other through the startup of their businesses the two realized the conversations were too valuable to keep to themselves, and The Why and The Buy was born.

Over three years and 200+ episodes later, Jeff and Christie are still sharing candid conversations with inspiring guests, ranging from salespeople and marketers to authors and entrepreneurs.

What is our why?

It’s pretty simple: to have unscripted, candid conversations with sales leaders and to share insights on sales, leadership, and life. These conversations help listeners uncover their passion, unblock their path, and achieve greatness in sales and in life.

In short, our why is to help you discover yours.

I really enjoy the conversation style of Jeff and Christie in this podcast. They make their guests feel at ease and are able to draw out some really great insights and ideas. Well worth listening to!
— Scott Ingram



Jeff Bajorek

Jeff shares his sales strategies and methods through writing, speaking, and leading sales workshops and training programs. His book The Five Forgotten Fundamentals of Prospecting focuses on five simple, common-sense fundamentals most salespeople ignore. Jeff's unique approach has been featured on the Sell or Die Podcast, The Salesman Podcast, Business Growth Time, The Nice Guys on Business Podcast, and more. When Jeff’s not writing, speaking, coaching, or hosting the podcast, he’s golfing or enjoying time with his wife and two children.


Christie Walters

Christie is a high-energy salesperson and innovative strategist with 25+ experience in sales and executive management in technology companies. She is adept at driving sales team success in the midst of the day-to-day chaos and tension of running a business and helps individuals and small businesses breakthrough to their next level of performance. When she is not teaching or strategizing, she enjoys scuba diving with her husband and volunteering with GA FIRST Robotics.