The Bias Against Salespeople and How to Overcome it with Paul Watts

Our guest today is Paul Watts, host of the Sales Reinvented podcast and his purpose is to change the way people think about selling, salespeople and; ultimately, make sales a profession people can be proud of.

We discuss his podcast, how he found his purpose and what salespeople can do right now to be more approachable and more trustworthy (spoiler: it's not 'Always Be Closing')

On today's show...

4:30 - Why did Paul start his podcast?

6:00 - Where does the negative image of salespeople come from?

10:55 - How sales and engineering are actually very similar.

16:26 - How your business title is driving your behavior

19:26 - Paul describes a revolutionary sales incentive program

26:23 - Paul describes how his organization found its vision and purpose

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