Whatcha Readin'? #6: Brene Brown, Boundaries, Midlife Celebrations

Credit: Joas Silas

Credit: Joas Silas

It's time for Round 6 of our irreverent book club Whatcha Readin'?. Jeff, Christie and guest hosts get together to deliver fantastic, life-changing, thought provoking book recommendations from renowned and more obscure sales thinkers.

This week we have 2 guest clubbers!

Camille Clemens is a Ph.D and Licensed Clinical Psychologist for the US Department of Veteran's Affairs.

James Christman is an account executive for Teradata in San Diego. He is helping companies rise above today's analytics landscape and invest in answers.

On today’s podcast...

1:21 - Our irreverent book club format
3:22 - Oprah SuperSoul Conversations featuring Dr. Brene Brown and the anatomy of trust.
4:56 - The 7 Letters to Building Trust: Braving
13:13 - Your boundaries underscore your commitment to a customer
15:38 - How did I get here? Who am I and maybe more importantly who do I want to be? 
19:53 - Why are we salespeople?
22:56 - Why this show remains free
26:53 - Camille recommends the podcast If Disney Ran Your Life with Jeff Hill and Jody Mayberry 
27:32 - Is the "why" really in the journey?
30:00 - The biggest mistake you can make is thinking you have it figured out
33:15 - "When did you hear 'no', and if you didn't hear 'no', then how did you know that you couldn't have sold more?"

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