Going For No with Andrea Waltz


Andrea Waltz loves to hear people tell her, "No." She believes that getting a no from a prospect or customer can be a first, middle or last step to a sale if you're paying attention.

Andrea teaches business owners, entrepreneurs and salespeople at every level of experience how to reprogram the way they think about failure, rejection, and hearing the word, no to get better results. I believe this is the single biggest factor that keeps most people from achieving the lives and careers of their dreams. 

She is the co-author of the best-selling book, Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There. 

The philosophy of "Go for No" was developed in the battle scarred trenches of the American shopping mall where both Andrea and her partner Richard Fenton got their start and where "no's" fly like bullets in a war zone. 

In that environment and a lot of others in sales, the fear of rejection is real and it can make or break sales careers. Andrea has dedicated her life to helping people not only lose the fear of hearing no, but actually desiring it. 

Today she'll share what different kinds of "no's" mean, how to recognize them and convert them into a "yes." Plus she gives a "why" that absolutely stuns Jeff and Christie.

On today’s podcast…

2:23 - Most people in sales like soft landings
4:15 - Andrea's very bizarre job description and how she became an expert in "no"
9:17 - Presenting "The Failure Model" to an audience
15:40 - Understanding the patterns of "no"
18:30 - There's nothing wrong with "a really good no"
22:47 - The factors that determine whether a no is a real no
28:17 - How no's can fill your pipeline

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