Monday Musing: Your People

The great Jim Rohn once said, "You are the average of the five people you hang out with most." Who are your five? Who are your people? Being conscious about the environment you make for yourself extends beyond the feng shui of your desk. The people you surround yourself often affect what you do with your time and what you do with your time often influences how productive, creative and ultimately how successful you are. 

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The Philosophy of Account Planning

Are you developing a plan to make your next 10 sales? Have you developed a strategy to improve your prospecting? Is there a difference in those two things and if so, which should come first? The debate is ON today on The Why and The Buy! Christie and Jeff debate the merits, differences, and semantics around developing a sales execution plan. 

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InterviewsJeff Bajorek
Monday Musing: Out of Office

Summer is here and vacation is on Christie's mind. Are you able to disconnect and unplug from your world even for just a few days? It's very difficult and we're pressured from all angles to always be available to our customers and our prospects. But how is that extended pressure affecting our ability to be present and focused day to day?

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Monday Musing: Three on One

Jeff has the inside story on one of the greatest basketball players to ever play in the NBA who says that playing against him wasn't fair. You weren't playing him one on were playing him three on one. A powerful story of family, purpose, mindset and playing hoops is the subject of this week's amazing Monday Musing. Plus, Jeff talks to you about why talking things out, even to yourself, is an underutilized by powerful tool.

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Monday Musing: When Is It Enough?

Boundaries. Ever heard of them? How strong are yours? When is enough enough? When is it enough from a customer? When do you decide that the customer isn't right? That you need to stand up for yourself? What is the boundary that you set for yourself? When is enough...enough?

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Monday Musing: Atomic Habits Round 2

For the next few weeks Christie is experimenting with Atomic Habits based on the book by James Clear. 

Atomic habits are incredibly small but have a massive impact when repeated hundreds and hundreds of times. So the concept here is not to conquer the world in your habit, but to find that little something that is so easy to accomplish that your mind can't talk you out of it.

Christie discusses the first atomic habit she has chosen to develop and the challenges she is already facing. Will you join Christie on her journey?

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The Performance Mindset with Olympic athlete Katherine Adamek

Our guest today is Olympic athlete Katherine Adamek. In 2010 Katherine won a silver and bronze medal in speed skating at the Vancouver Olympic Games. But instead of celebrating and preparing for the next Olympic games she had to have three hip surgeries and years of rehab. In this episode we discuss how she trained for gold, prepared her comeback and maintained the resilience to maintain a life of success after her Olympic dreams came and went.

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Monday Musing: Atomic Habits

This week is all about habits, the good ones, the not so good ones, and the ones we'd love to create. Christie has just finished reading a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear. The basic premise is that the biggest change can come from the smallest habit repeated hundreds and hundreds of time. You ultimately reach a level of proficiency and eventually mastery by simply doing certain things consistently every single day. 

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