Your Yes! Attitude


Jeff and Christie discuss the kind of attitude, mindset and the will it takes to be successful with the help of wisdom from Jeffrey Gitomer, Seth Godin and even Dr. Suess. 

Attitude lays at the foundation of your why and why people buy. But is our attitude etched at birth or can we change a negative attitude to a positive attitude? How big are factors like perspective, what we consume and who we're with?

Originally Aired January 17th, 2017

On today’s podcast…

2:03 - Gold Book, Yellow Book, let's just call the whole thing attitude.
7:12 - The foundation of attitude is applicable across all industry and all lives
12:00 - The toughest sell with the happiest customers at the end
15:35 - The reason pro athletes have psychologists on their staff
20:48 - How much perspective comes into play with attitude
25:37 - Focus on what you can control
28:38 - Jeff and Christie's second favorite books on attitude
33:42 - Why do we do things the way we do them?

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