"What's Your Why?" Compilation


It's a question that Jeff and Christie ask of each and every guest. It's a question that we hope you've explored as a result of this show. It's a question that forms the basis for our podcast. 

"What's your why?"

Jeff and Christie are wrapping up their summer vacation and we have one last look back episode. This is a compilation of some of the best "Why's" in our show's history. If you're interested in hearing the full episodes behind the why, links have been included in the shownotes.

On today’s podcast…

1:23 - Steve Nudelberg

3:27 - Mark the Sales Hunter

4:20 - Phill Keene

6:35 - Amahl Williams

12:24 - Alice Heiman

13:28 - Deb Calvert

15:38 - Kelly Roach

16:51 - SPECIAL: Behind the Scenes of the first episode of The Why and The Buy

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