The Performance Mindset with Olympic athlete Katherine Adamek

Everyone loves a comeback story. But behind the comeback is a grueling journey that is full of just as many (if not more) failures as successes. Sounds a lot like like sales, huh?

Our guest today is Olympic athlete Katherine Adamek. In 2010 Katherine won a silver and bronze medal in speed skating at the Vancouver Olympic Games. But instead of celebrating and preparing for the next Olympic games she had to have three hip surgeries and years of rehab. In this episode we discuss how she trained for gold, prepared her comeback and maintained the resilience to maintain a life of success after her Olympic dreams came and went.

Today, Katherine is using her decades of experience as a world class coach and athlete to teach the mental, physical, and nutritional skills necessary to improve performance.  

Katherine believes that simple skills like communication and body language are essential to getting the most out of coaching. Better coaching leads to faster improvement. Faster improvement leads to a new level of performance.

On today’s podcast…

3:30 - From Olympic success to what's 21 years old
7:00 - Life has become my new sport
11:31 - One of Katherine's greatest motivating factors during her comeback
14:41 - Pulling yourself out of the slump
18:07 - A focus on results will create frustration, a focus on process will create results
21:15 - What we can and cannot influence
25:00 - Once you can recognize that you've fallen into a default thought pattern that's not serving you right now, you can step out of it.
29:40 - Atomic Habits by James Clear
32:17 - We've trained our brains to be stressed

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