Whatcha Readin'? #5: Jarvis, Coyne, Scott, Keenan, Edelman and Berger

Credit: Joas Silas

Credit: Joas Silas

It's another episode of Whatcha Readin'? Jeff, Christie and DeJuan Brown, Sr. Director, Enterprise Sales for Seismic Software talk about what books they are reading right now: A Company of One, A Course Called Scotland, Radical Candor, Gap Selling, I Said This, You Heard That, and then the big finale, A More Beautiful Question.

On today’s podcast…

5:55 - Visit jeffbajorek.com/chosenvision for more information on Jeff's upcoming charity event.

7:21 - Jeff's book recommendation is A Company of One by Paul Jarvis. Jeff discusses his struggles with how much to grow his business and what that growth is actually doing. When do you stop and say no in order keep your work/life balance? It makes you think about and declare what's really important.

10:35 - Being an avid golfer, Jeff's 2nd recommendation is A Course Called Scotland by Tom Coyne. Tom is searching for the secret of the game, playing 107 links courses in 56 days in Scotland, the oldest land of golf. He draws parallels between the game of golf and the game of life that we're all playing.

16:18 - Christie re-endorses a couple books from a few episodes ago - Radical Candor by Kim Scott and Gap Selling by Keenan.

18:24 - The book she is diving into deeper is called, I Said This, You Heard That, by Kathleen Edelman and is actually a workbook. This is about how people need to focus in on the words that they say and how our words impact others.

23:12 - DeJuan talks about personality testing/Enneagrams that he's been focused on lately and how it's helped him to understand the negative aspects of the way he communicates with people and the negative ways in which he hears certain things.

28:13 - Being curious about curiosity, DeJuan recommends A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger. Why is it that after you're 4-5 years old you go from asking 390 questions/day to hardly any and how does that lack of questioning impact your personal life and your business life? Why vs. why not?

35:56 - Asking a question goes from an exercise in curiosity to an exercise in bravery and courage. How can we change that?

38:05 - People don't have a safe place to feel ignorant.

42:38 - The beautiful questions are Why? Why Not? What If? and How?

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