Watch Your Mouth with Liz Wendling


Liz Wendling is back and she has a message. Watch your mouth! We're not talking the seven words you can't say on TV, Liz wants you to get out of the patterns of the typical boring, generic, predictable, overused language, words and phrases.

It's time to stop blaming the client, start making the changes in our technique that will lead to real relationships and drop more "F-Bombs"...follow-ups that is. 

Liz is the author of five books including Sell Without Selling Your Soul and Everyone Sells Something. She combines a rock-solid sales background with a passion for coaching and the result is a powerful, new way to understand how to sell in today’s crowded marketplace. Her innovative approach will support you in opening doors, closing sales and building relationships.

Liz is a much sought after business consultant, sales expert and emotional intelligence coach. She is straightforward, practical, and sassy and helps professionals innovate, modernize and master their sales approach, language, and process. Because what worked reasonably well a decade ago is now miserably outdated and inadequate.

On today’s podcast…

1:28 - Watch your mouth!
6:27 - If you do the predictable thing, so will your prospect
10:18 - How to replace the word "love" in your conversations
16:27 - The "F-word" follow-up
20:21 - Is it the client's fault?
24:35 - How many sales are left on the table because you are taking ineffective action?
29:00 - Liz's why is all about stepping on the gas

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