The Basic Necessities With Amahl Williams


If you make between $40k and $90k annually then Universal Basic Income is... your friend? What?? In this episode, we talk to the man who said this and has much more to say about the future of work in America. 

Our friend Amahl Williams, robotics, IT and AI expert, is here with us today to provide context and clarity on a subject that is being given more weight and discussion every year. How will artificial intelligence change how we work and more importantly "who" works in the future. 

We see the Youtube videos from Boston Dynamics and the episodes of Black Mirror, how much of this future is real? How much of it is already here? Amahl shares with us his thoughts on how companies can utilize A.I. responsibly.

He'll also give us his recommendations for what companies and individuals can do, in the short term, to prepare for the future of work. His hope is to make the world a little bit of a better place and you can feel his passion for the impact that it has on our society as a whole.

On today’s podcast…

04:05 - Automation enables vacation
07:24 - Amahl talks about what is a reasonable social contract in the future of work.
09:37 - A percentage of your overhead is going to be digital
10:40 - What are the things that you are seeing replaced right away?
14:46 - Can your environment handle robotic speeds?
17:56 - More women than men are ushering in the future of a digital workforce
21:41 - What's most important for future college students to learn?
25:00 - What age group is considered the most illiterate?
30:03 - Does the R.O.I from college still make sense?
31:25 - What % of the workforce is expected to be displaced before 2025?
36:14 - Guess who would benefit the most from re-scaling and automation?
40:27 - What jobs will be the most important in a digital world?
44:32 - What is Ahmal's "Why"?
47:21 - Replacing Red Bull with Happy Hour
49:00 - More about

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