Leading a Sales Renaissance with Phill Keene


Phill Keene of the #RealSalesTalk Podcast makes a return trip to The Why and The Buy to discuss solutions to problems that salespeople face every day with prospects including cold calling, objections follow up, relationship building and more. 

Over the past ten months Phill has built a sales machine and led his team to huge growth at Renaissance Electronic Services. We dig deep to find out what steps Phill took to create the turnaround and how anyone can apply it to create their own success. 

PLUS, Phill loves helping people solve big problems, but what happens when a prospect who loves the solution comes back with "I don't have time for that"?

On today’s podcast…

2:05 - What's led to Phill's sales team growth over the past ten months?
5:57 - Every single call, every single conversation is structured fundamentally the same
8:50 - The historical epidemic of account executives
16:00 - Understanding the basic necessity of life and sales
20:00 - The dummy curve
25:00 - Overcoming the "I don't have time for that" objection
28:00 - One of Phill's favorite quotes in sales helps him overcomes objections

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