Great Companies Solve Simple Problems with Paul Storie

Recognize a need, supply a solution. When you boil it all down, that's really what entrepreneurship is all about. Today we're profiling an entrepreneur who is supplying golfers of all income levels with a community where they can play together, play professionally without wiping out the family savings. 

Paul Storie is the founder of Open Links Golf Society, an open and inclusive national golf club that's focused on providing golf events to like-minded golfers. 

Starting Open Links wasn't easy for Paul. It was a step back financially at first, but ultimately it was an opportunity to fulfill a passion and mission in his life. Paul is open and honest about the struggles of jumping from a secure corporate job into the world of entrepreneurship. He tells us how he fought through those early days when the direct deposits stopped and the revenue-generation hadn't started. If you've ever thought about making "the jump" this is an episode you have to listen to. 

On today’s podcast…

1:12 - What on Earth is Paul Storie thinking and what on Earth is he doing?

4:14 - Democratizing the game of golf

10:01 - Great companies solve simple problems

13:20 - What pulled Paul away from the security of the day job?

20:37 - Keeping the fight going when the direct deposits stop

23:04 - Focusing on operation over revenue

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