Outbound Recap with Selling from the Heart


It's a special "On the Road" edition of the podcast this week. Live from the 2019 Outbound Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, Jeff And Christie sit down with Larry Levine and Darrell Amy of the Selling from the Heart Podcast. These 4 sales and personal development powerhouses discuss what they've learned at OutBound, the importance of selling basics, selling practice habits and what they will take home with them and implement from what turned out to be an idea-filled gathering in Atlanta.

Jeff and Christie were also on the Selling from the Heart Podcast, you can listen to that episode here. 

On today’s podcast…

04:04 - What happens when you execute the fundamentals well?
05:58 - Larry talks to pro baseball players about practice.
08:56 - Social Selling is the reinforcement of connection
11:19 - Who are the best people to practice with?
13:30 - We all have the same problems.
15:49 - Sales is a beating.
19:27 - Jeff talks about his "mastermind group."
22:00 - The differences in sharing with your coach vs. with your manager
24:39 - The importance of finding a really good coach and investing in yourself.
28:42 - What are Larry and Darrell going to implement as a result of the OutBound Conference
29:32 - Check out Jeff's fundraising campaign. Go to www.jeffbajorek.com/chosenvision
31:49 - Larry's first take-away to implement.
34:22 - Write down 10 things that you do that bring value for people.
36:25 - What's your value statement?

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