Monday Musing: If You Cannot Differentiate, You Cannot Sell

In this week's Monday Musing we want to know if you're prepared to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Why do we keep talking about being different? This is where selling starts. So many salespeople have it beaten into their heads that they need to talk about why they're better and it's not about why you're better. Better is in the eye of your prospect. Talk to them about why you are different.

Salespeople have been taught for the longest time that if you can get people to like you, if you can be friendly, if you can fit in, if you can find a way to relate, if you can become a part of that tribe, then you'll win.

Even if they like you, you still have to be different. You still have to have something appreciable about what you bring to the table that is going to create an outcome for them that they cannot currently get. 

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