Monday Musing: Curiosity


Did you know that the average four-year=old asks just over 300 questions a day? Now for those of you with young children, that's probably not a surprise because they walk around questioning everything. Everything is so interesting to them.

I wonder, though, what's the average number of questions that a 40-year-old asks or a 50-year-old asks on a daily basis? Have we gotten to a point where we kind of just know it all or think we do? Curiosity is defined as a strong desire to know or learn something. Synonyms include inquisitiveness and interest. These are all words that we are proud of in our society and I think many of you might even have described yourself in that way in the past, but how often does that translate into questioning to truly understand? 

Let's take a deep curious dive into curiosity in this week's Monday Musing.

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