Unpacking the Black Box of Sales with Liz Heiman


Liz Heiman's why is rooted in the dreams of entrepreneurs everywhere, dreams of changing the world. But that dream can often turn into a nightmare if they can't sell their idea. 

Liz specializes in advising B2B companies increase their revenue through proven, data driven sales strategies. Liz is a catalyst for sales growth. 

Don't miss our interview with Liz's sister, Alice Heiman!

Today she will be helping to unpack the mystery of sales and developing a process that begins with understanding who you are and end with understanding what your prospect ACTUALLY wants. 

On today’s podcast…

0:46 - Can you hear me now?

2:43 - Sales is like a black box of mystery

7:05 - We have to start with understanding our buyers are people

9:40 - Who you are comes before what you do

12:55- Knowing your customer isn't about knowing your target market

15:54 - Qualifying out rather than qualifying in

21:52 - Startup shiny object syndrome

25:02 - Building a sales roadmap for startups

27:53 - What baffles Liz about startup values

32:42 - Liz's why is a dream

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