Building Your Five with Scott Ingram


"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." --Jim Rohn

Who are you spending the most time with? Are they successful? Are they a positive influence? If you want success but don't surround yourself with it, it's like wanting water in a desert. That's why we're welcoming back Scott Ingram, host of the Sales Success Stories Podcast and founder of the Sales Success Summit.

Sales conferences should be a great place to network and build relationships that can lead to future success. But too often these conferences are simply okay with existing and don't provide enough value to attendees before and after the conference. Those gaps are the driving force behind the Sales Success Summit and a central part of Scott's "why."

Stay tuned for more information about this powerful event and get a glimpse into the five people that make the most impact on Jeff, Christie and Scott.

On today’s podcast…

0:45 - There's more to podcasting than plugging in a microphone
3:20 - Building a network as an outgoing introvert
9:14 - The wind blows harder at the top of the mountain
12:25 - Conference presentations without the ulterior motive
13:20 - What will be different about this year's Sales Success Summit?
18:55 - Scott is obsessed with providing conference value and help people build relationships
23:43 - Who are in our "Five"
31:09 - Go to to find out more information about the Sales Success Summit.

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