Becoming a Sales Renegade with Matt Goudy

Our guest this week is, Matt Goudy and he's a renegade in his industry. He's also the Country General Manager of Medacta USA, a leading medical device company.

Matt shares with us what has made Medacta so different in a market where differentiation is so difficult. He shares with us the powerful prospecting advice he gives to his new sales reps who have taken his sales leadership and increased Medacta's performance in the US tremendously.

Listen to find out how patience and persistence can help make you a renegade and increase your sales productivity for the next 10 years.

On today’s podcast

3:45 - What makes a renegade company?

12:20 - Introducing new strategies and education to combat a lack of product differentiation

26:25 - Matt's philosophy on prospecting in new marketplaces

28:30 - The power of "checking back" and talking to everyone

37:00 - How Medacta's company culture leads to customers selling for them

41:20 -

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