Badassing your Brand with Pia Silva

Our guest this week is, Pia Silva, author of the book Badass Your Brand. Pia is a speaker, contributor and branding expert for Worstofall Design. 

She's here today to talk about narrowing your brand focus and deciding on where you fit best within your marketplace. It can be a scary process but ultimately one that will make you a leader and expert in your field.

Pia's ideas on branding and entrepreneur ship will reshape how you think about your business and your sales and marketing philosophies. This episode is a must-listen.

On today’s podcast

3:06 - The history of "brand shrink" and "Badass Your Brand"

8:14 - What's the brand shrink process like?

11:20 - How do you overcome the fear of choosing your one brand?

17:27 - How did Pia decide on her brand and her niche?

28:49 - Pia's revolutionary "solopreneur economy" concept

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