Are we Addicted to the SDR? with Derrick Williams

Our guest this week is Derrick Williams founder of 3Link Consulting. 

Derrick is a highly experienced and accomplished sales professional, spending over 20-years driving sales for businesses of all sizes, from F500 to VC-backed startups.

Derrick's mission for 3Link is to ultimately help people and businesses reach their goals. He wants to be the “missing link” for businesses who were looking to find new customers. Helping other people win in sales is my idea of success.

We discuss and debate the role of the SDR, it's relationship with inside sales and the future of face to face selling.

On today’s podcast...

4:42 - SDR vs. inside sales management

6:15 - Jeff compares SDR's to crack dealers

9:00 - How much prospecting should a rep do in an SDR filled environment?

10:00 - The vital role SDRs play in high-scale, high-growth environments

12:07 - Derrick's prediction on the future of SDRs and sales teams

16:00 - Is Alexa coming for the average salesperson?

21:04 - Jeff's biggest problem with the SDR environment

32:00 - Derrick's "why"

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