Good Processes Drive Good Results with Richard Broo

Good companies grow. And as companies grow, they feel the need to specialize. As companies specialize, sometimes those specializations turn into silos and silos turn into lack of communication and then stuff breaks.

Today's guest, Richard Broo, is trying to disrupt the cycle that can lead companies big and small down a path away from what the customer wants and towards bankruptcy. Richard is a Project Management Professional (PMP) but really he is a problem solver, turn-around expert, growth creator and productivity agent. He can spot the inefficiencies and blind spots in businesses in any industry and help clear the blockages that are keeping profit away. 

Richard and Jeff discuss the difficulty of new product launches, the keys to proper project management and the eternal disconnect between frontline sales professionals and the backend of product development.

Find out more about Richard and how he can help your business here.

On today’s podcast…

1:30 - The backend drives the front end
4:03 - The biggest thing missing in failed new product launches
8:40 - How to avoid the pitfalls of specialization
14:23 - Explaining new tricks to old dogs
18:30 - "When you focus on the end result, it does not necessarily drive a good process. But a good process will always drive a good result.
22:59 - Creating a sustainable culture of achievement
25:47 - The state that is leading the way in industry diversity and efficiency

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